December 7, 2022

Massthetic Muscle programIs your goal to build as much lean muscle mass this year without getting fat? Massthetic Muscle is the only cyclical muscle building program on the market written using the Precision Hypertrophy Principles.

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This unique programming method takes into account the relationship between the muscles strength profile and every exercise’s resistance profile, creating the most effective and efficient workouts.

What’s It All About

Gone are the days of extreme bulking and cutting cycles. It is possible to build a world-class physique packed with pounds of rock hard muscle without ever having to get fat.

By utilizing 4 specialized training and programming techniques (Precision Hypertrophy Principles, Cyclical Training, 3-Phase Metabolic Fueling, & Anabolic Interval Sessions) you can boost testosterone & other muscle building hormones, break down the necessary muscle fiber tissue needed for growth, speed up the recovery process, and ignite fat burning by boosting the metabolic threshold.

Massthetic Muscle is the only muscle sculpting program written under the Precision Hypertrophy Principles (PHP). This approach to program design takes into account the relationship between the muscle’s strength curves and the resistance profile of each exercise.

By understanding the unique ability of each muscle to produce output and how that matches an exercise, we can design the most effective and efficient workouts for building lean muscle mass. No wasted reps, no wasted sets!

Just take a look at some of these transformations:

Massthetic Muscle results

Key Benefits

  • Look great year round with a muscular physique that is still aesthetically pleasing at the same time
  • Be able to optimally perform at levels in the gym never experience before
  • Begin the recovery process of muscle breakdown before you even leave the gym
  • Improve hormone profiles and create an anabolic environment primed for muscle gain and fat loss all the time
  • Learn how to properly structure workouts and take full advantage of all areas within the resistance and strength curves
  • Avoid unnecessary injuries from improper training and ego lifting by using proper execution

The Author

Frank Rich is a Fitness Author, Entrepreneur, Online Fitness Coach, Bodybuilder/Classic
Physique competitor, and creator of the I3 Training System.

In his 15+ years in the Fitness Industry, he was worked under and trained with some of the most successful figures in areas consisting of but not limited to, muscle building, weight loss, contest prep, biomechanics, nutrition and hypertrophy research.

He has also had the opportunity to work with and train athletes and clients from all levels of fitness and background, including professional wrestlers, bodybuilding and fitness competitors, fitness models, competitive athletes, and working-class individuals looking to build muscle and lose fat.

What You Get

  • Massthetic Foundation- The Death of Extreme Bulking & Cutting and The I3 Training Philosophy
  • Massthetic Nutrition & Supplementation- The 3 Phase Metabolic Fueling System
  • Massthetic Conditioning- Anabolic Intervals
  • Massthetic Training Cycles
  • Massthetic Execution- Exercise Demonstration Guide
  • Massthetic Workouts


  • Colossal Calves
  • ABSolution: The 28 Day Blueprint for a Shredded 6Pack


If you were to train with Frank, in person, over the course of 12 weeks for 5 times a week, which is what is included in this program, the cost of that would be $4800.
$80 per session x 60 sessions

There is also an option for online training, which would include the workouts written for your weekly basis and nutritional support.

The cost for online training is a one time $199 Consultation fee and then $199 a month. That would make the cost for 12 weeks of online training $796

You can get the entire 12-week Massthetic Muscle program, which includes 12 weeks of structured workouts and Massthetic Execution Guide, the Massthetic Nutrition & Supplementation Guide, and the Massthetic Conditioning program all for a one-time low price of $47.

Add 10-15lbs of solid muscle in 90 days, while shredding body fat at the same time… Read more…

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